We will be on vacation from 9/4/14 to 9/28/14. The Bed and Biscuit will operate as usual, except for a few temporary changes. We won’t have grooming, daycare and kennel tours during these days. Monday to Friday we will open the kennel 8:30 am instead of 8:00 am.
Weekend hours will be the same.

Individual Playtime
2 x per day:

Busy Dog Package:
(2 playtimes, any 2 treats below, 1
smoked bone)

Supervised Group Play:
2 x a day:

Busy Group Package:
(2 group plays, any 2 treats below, 1
smoked bone.)




Several potty break as needed
Multiple daily activities and treats to
choose from
Brand new 16 sq' sleeping quaters
All day access to individual 48 sq'
covered outside patios
Fleece blankets cleaned daily
Radiant floor heat
Air conditioning
Acana super premium dog food
Lots of one on one attention

Dog Day Care
5 Day Package (Good for 2 months)
10 Day Package (Good for 3 months)

$25/day 2nd dog in
same enclosure
(Dogs must have same


$105 ($21/day)
$200 (20/day)

CAT condo without window:

CAT condo with window:

All double room condos
Resting shelves in every condo
Quiet set up far away from the dogs
Acana super premium cat food
Litter & box changed daily
Blankets changed daily
Morning playtime included

(Includes Bonito Flakes bedtime treat)


Boarding & Day Care Rates:
For a discription of the following activities please
visit our Activities page
(Includes chicken liver bedtime treat)

Peanut butter filled Kong Toy:
Frosty Paws Home made doggie ice cream:
Tail Bangers dog treat with yogurt frosting:
USA made chicken tenders:
USA made pig ears:

USA made smoked knee cap:
USA made smoked crowne knuckle:
USA made smoked Center Bone:

$2.50 / meal



All summer time reservations between Memorial Day and Labor Day, as well as Holiday bookings MUST be paid for in full, even if you pick up your pet earlier than it was planned.   We have a three day minimum  for all major holidays, a four day minimum for the Thanksgiving weekend and a five day minimum for the Christmas holiday. The kennel is closed for arrivals and departures on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Friday after Thanksgiving and Christmas Day. We are open only in the morning on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve day.
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Bed and Biscuit of Ithaca - Pet Boarding and Doggie Daycare

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