We will be on vacation from 9/4/14 to 9/28/14. The Bed and Biscuit will operate as usual, except for a few temporary changes. We won’t have grooming, daycare and kennel tours during these days. Monday to Friday we will open the kennel 8:30 am instead of 8:00 am.
Weekend hours will be the same.

Cat Boarding
We have a separate cat room for our feline guests, far...far...away from the doggies. It has 14 condos some of them with a view, all of them with climbing shelf for your cat to rest on. This room also has music and an air purifying system. We clean and disinfect every cat condo on a daily bases and carefully monitor your cat's behavior and keep a daily log of eating, eliminations and general demeanor. The cats will receive a clean litter box with fresh cat litter every morning. We provide soft cushioned kitty beds for all our guests. If you want to supply your own bedding, please make sure it can be laundered and is small enough to fit in a washing machine. Each day, your cat will be allowed time outside of their sleeping quarters to walk around the room or play on our exercise tree. No matter which enclosure our feline friends stay in, exercise is included in each day’s boarding fee. We feel it is essential for each feline guest’s happiness and well being. Please keep in mind that cats react much differently in a strange environment than dogs do. Cats are instinctively solitary animals. They do not run in packs like dogs. Therefore, when confronted with strange surroundings, a cat’s normal response is to withdraw physically and mentally into a protected solitary state. For this reason, cats like the “protected” feeling they get from being in their own condo while at The Bed and Biscuit.
A common reaction we receive from cat owners to the idea of caging is, “My cat loves to run around”. Perhaps it is true at home, but while in unfamiliar surroundings, the private condo gives the best feeling of safety. If they can get enough room to stretch he or she can exercise every muscle in the body. Grandma Mae's Country Natural cat food is the food we serve, or you can bring your own for the kitties too. We are feeding our guest twice a day, if they won’t eat our dry cat food, we also offer Weruva grain free canned food for a nominal fee. We will make every effort to make your cat as comfortable as possible, we have six of our own, and we know how you feel when you leave them in our care.
Double room condos with window
Double room condos without window
Premium dry cat food with grain free canned food option
Playtime included
Air filtration system
Condos cleaned and disinfected every morning
All day supervision
Lots of love and kisses

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Bed and Biscuit of Ithaca - Pet Boarding and Doggie Daycare

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